Fike is more than just an industrial safety products manufacturing company. Explore Fike’s comprehensive explosion and fire protection services and our on-campus testing facilities that support product development and customer services.

Explosion Protection Services

Because Great Products Require Great Service

To achieve maximum protection against combustible dust explosions, having great products isn’t always enough. They also must be precisely installed and proactively serviced under NFPA guidelines. Learn how Fike’s turnkey services assures the reliability of your explosion protection system and the safety of your people and processes.

Every day Fike studies the science behind explosions through our on-site Combustible Dust Testing Lab and Large-Scale Explosion Testing Facility. We understand the science behind explosions. We know why combustible dust explosions happen. And we know how to mitigate the damage and propagation of deflagrations. It’s for these reasons Fike is the ideal partner that offers:

Step 1: Consultancy

Facility walk-through, dust hazard analysis, Combustible Dust Survey (CDS)

Step 2: Testing & Analysis

Combustible dust testing and explosive characteristics analysis

Step 3: Design Services

Custom system design and bill of materials based on CDS

Step 4: Installation

One-to-one turnkey installation services of Fike’s explosion protection system design

Step 5: Maintenance

Flexible options for preventative and emergency maintenance; or train your staff to lower cost of ownership

Fire Protection Services

System design capabilities and dedicated installation services for Fike fire protection systems provide peace of mind, knowing your facility’s critical assets and occupants are protected by Fike.

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Testing Capabilities

Validating Fike Products and Solutions

Here at Fike, we don’t offer products. We offer solutions. And for these solutions to be trusted to save critical assets and lives, they must be tested under real-world conditions. Explore each of Fike’s on-site testing facilities below.